Online Yoga Teacher Training Program



Yoga Teacher Training Program

Teacher Training:

The online 200 hour yoga teacher training course provides the convenience of self-paced study, supported education with a mentor and teachers, and direction and structure to keep you on track.

This program is split into 10 modules with weekly assignments. Students are given a structured learning environment with the freedom to create their own schedule (weekly assignments are due on Sundays).

Finding Your Path…

The yoga teacher training course is designed to take you through the study of Yoga’s history, philosophy, and deeper practices, transition into personal, self-study, inner work, then move into how to apply these teachings to work with future students.

Coursework is presented through lectures, podcasts, audio, visual, reading, and even YouTube videos.

Taking into consideration the different learning styles of our students, most assignments can be handed in using any format: essay, written word, song, art, PowerPoint or visual art, etc. As long as we can assess that you have learned and understand the material, you have the control to show us in the best way that serves you.

Course Breakdown…

Module 1 Yamas: Intro, how you interact with the world, The History of Yoga, Samkhya, Yoga Darshana (8 limbs of Patanjali and The Yoga Sutra)
Module 2 Niyamas: Personal identity and observances, attachment, the mind, karma, meta meditation (loving-kindness)
Module 3 Asana: The many paths of Yoga, Yoga: East vs West, Hatha Yoga, asana (poses- from this point assigned each module)
Module 4 Pranayama: (breathwork), anatomy of breath, the nervous system, prana, and prana vayus
Module 5 Pratyahara: (sense withdrawal), meditation, anatomy
Module 6 Dharana: Deeper dive into meditation, energetic anatomy, asana cont’d
Module 7: Dhyana: Meditation cont’d, Ayurveda, asana cont’d
Module 8 Samadhi: Month long meditation challenge, understanding trauma
Module 9 Practicum, Professional Development, & Ethics
+ Conversations on the Bhagavad Gita (made available at Module 3)
This is an abbreviated description of each module. Modules are divided into 4 sections, each designed to take a week, though students may move through classes at their own pace. You have up to a year to complete your training. Mentoring sessions are scheduled module 3, 6, and 9 and mentors and teachers are available via email through the entirety of your course.


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Tuition: $999

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