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online 200 hour yoga teacher training Program

Become a certified 200-hour yoga teacher from home with our Online Yoga Teacher Training program.  Our dynamic online program led by experienced teacher, Jessica Proulx E-RYT-500, offers mentor support and self-paced learning.  Pursue your dreams and sign up now!

What to expect: 200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training

Discover an enriching and transformative spiritual journey through our sacred practices program! Delve deep into the history and philosophy of this ancient tradition and build a personal practice to share with others. Our program offers lectures, podcasts, audio/visual aids, readings, and YouTube videos to gain a comprehensive understanding of diverse aspects of Yoga. Express creativity through assignments that suit your learning style. Join us for a lasting impact on you and your future students. Embark on this exciting journey now!


What makes this Online training interesting?

Why choose an online 200 hour yoga teacher training program?

  • Convenience of learning in your own time at your own pace
  • Take the time to apply the teachings to daily life
  • Put your personal transformation first
  • Maintain connection with mentors and teachers
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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Need to Know

Questions And Answers
200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training

That is up to you. The training consists of 10 modules (listed below). Each module is designed to take a month, but student are able to move through the training at their own pace. You have up to a year to complete. 

Yes, you have access to both your teachers and your mentor throughout training. Your will also schedule 1:1 times with your mentor at the end of modules 3, 6, and 9. If you go on to the retreat intensive, you will have 1:1 time with teachers and mentor throughout the whole week.

Simply put…strict (ish). The program is broken down into monthly modules. Each module has 4 weekly assignments with Sunday due dates. Students cannot move onto the next module until all coursework is complete. 

Students only have the month to complete their coursework. Extensions can be provided to students who give us advanced notice (let’s say you have a surgery or a vacation scheduled) and we will work out alternatives for you. 

Students have a maximum of 16 months to complete their training. We understand that sometimes training might need to get put on hold or life gets in the way.

Students who have not completed training in the 16 month required period will need to purchase an extension. Program extension tuition is $450. 


Module 1 Yamas: Intro, how you interact with the world, The History of Yoga, Samkhya, Yoga Darshana (8 limbs of Patanjali and The Yoga Sutra)
Module 2 Niyamas: Personal identity and observances, attachment, the mind, karma, meta meditation (loving-kindness)
Module 3 Asana: The many paths of Yoga, Yoga: East vs West, Hatha Yoga, asana (poses- from this point assigned each module)
Module 4 Pranayama: (breathwork), anatomy of breath, the nervous system, prana, and prana vayus
Module 5 Pratyahara: (sense withdrawal), meditation, anatomy
Module 6 Dharana: Deeper dive into meditation, energetic anatomy, asana cont’d
Module 7: Dhyana: Meditation cont’d, Ayurveda, asana cont’d
Module 8 Samadhi: Month long meditation challenge, understanding trauma
Module 9 Practicum, Professional Development, & Ethics
+ Conversations on the Bhagavad Gita (made available at Module 3)
This is an abbreviated description of each module. Modules are divided into 4 sections, each designed to take a week, though students may move through classes at their own pace. You have up to a year to complete your training. Mentoring sessions are scheduled module 3, 6, and 9 and mentors and teachers are available via email through the entirety of your course. 

This program has a focus on Yoga Darshana (the Yoga of Patanjali) and Hatha Yoga. 

There is also study on Samkhya philosophy, The Bhagavad Gita, and other traditions of Eastern thought like Buddhism. 

Our goal is to give you philosophical education so that you can create your own path moving forward and decide what resonates most with you. 

Yes, the course is accredited through Yoga Alliance. You will receive your 200 hour yoga teacher training certificate through Direct Path Institute and have the ability to register with Yoga Alliance to receive your RYT designation. 

You can absolutely switch to the Online Training + Retreat. This just needs to happen around module 6 and before module 8 and with enough time to complete coursework before the in person intensive.

Yes, students will need to purchase: 

The Path of the Yoga Sutra by Nicholi Bachman and The Bhagavad Gita (Eknath Easwaren verison)

No. We provide learning in many different formats. Students have reading assignments, lectures, podcasts, and even a YouTube video to watch and reflect on from time to time. You can expect video, audio, and reading. 

The lead teacher for this program is Jessica Proulx. Jess is a registered 500 hour yoga teacher and has been teaching for over 22 years. Jess has lead dozens of 200 and 300 yoga teacher training programs at her home base and across the globe and is an avid student of Yoga Darshana and Hatha Yoga. 

She is a certified 500 hour Kripalu Yoga teacher, studied Buddhism as part of a collegiate study abroad program, and has been studying eastern philosophy since the age of 16. 

She pulls from the ancient wisdom of Yoga, Buddhism, her many teachers over the years, and great minds like Ram Dass, Eckhart Tolle, Sharon Saltzberg, and Pema Chodron. 

Once students have started the training, it is non-refundable. If students need to put the program on hold, they can do so by letting their mentor know. 

Students have 1 year to complete all assignments (program is designed for completion in 10-12 months). If assignments are not completed in that time, students may register for a 3 month extension. Program extension tuition is $450. 

Each week should take you about 5 hours to complete your course work. Some weeks a little more, some a little less. 

You will receive weekly assignments that must be completed by Sunday. 

The first week of the first module has the most course work. We encourage students to take that into consideration and not be scared or frustrated thinking they can not keep up. Once you get through the first week, the remainder are easier.  

We ask they you keep honest and open communication with your mentor. If you have things coming up, let them know. We can allow you to move ahead with your coursework, put it on hold, or make things up as you move forward. 

Once you begin the course, you have 16 months to complete. If your work is not completed in that time, you can register for a 6 month extension. Tuition is $450. 

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